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Get Exclusive Catastrophic MVA Leads

Serious Auto Accident Leads & Death Leads without PPC, Traditional SEO, SMM, Geofencing or NOLO.

Tired of buying leads from 3rd party 'lead generation' companies? The fact is is 99% of mediocre Attorney leads come from Pay Per Click, Google Maps,Traditional SEO and 3rd party companies like NOLO and Findlaw. That's great but competitive, slow and costly. We are the 1% that can produce leads that are catastrophic and cost-effective.


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Types of Personal Injury Leads Generated

Wrongful Death Leads

Motercycle Accident Leads

Truck Accident Leads

Bus Accidents

Car Accidents Leads

Pedestrian Accidents Leads


We Only Focus on Catastrophic Leads

We've been in personal injury lead generation industry for over 10 years. We've implemented all online marketing and lead generation platforms for various personal injury attorneys, including: Adwords Adwords Call Only, NOLO, Generic SEO, Google Local Pack, Guest Blogging Local Citations, Facebook Boosting and so on, but none have ever produced serious exclusive leads like our platform produces.

Personal Injury Lead Generation Platform

We are the creators of this platform, other law firms are replicating without our proprietary and sophisticated platform We have a huge team and experience on our side! If you’d like to see this platform in action, take a look at the accident news section of one of our top clients, Jacoby & Meyers. We’d love the opportunity to schedule a brief call to discuss how our method can bring immediate ROI to your firm. Do you have a 15 minute a window open this week?

Catastrophic Leads Based on Smarter Methods

This method is a great addition to your existing marketing, whether it be attorney seo, attorney ppc (call only, desktop) or SMM. These are Leads that will blow you away. Our method allows us to offer personal injury attorneys like yourself a scalable, risk adverse solution to generating auto accidents leads. Generate more serious auto accident leads today!